Dine like a local

The following restaurants are all 5 km or less from Dunloe View, Killarney

Heather Restaurant , Gap of Dunloe.

his is less than 5 km from DVK. The food is of a very high quality. The herbs, salad and vegetables come from their own garden. Don’t get me started on their cakes and desserts! Delish! They are all made inhouse and worth every calorie.

Kate Kearney’s Cottage

Located 5 km from DVK, just beyond Heather Restaurant. Consistently good food at reasonable prices. Also, serves great pints.

Dunloe Hotel

This hotel is located less than 4 km from DVK.  We haven’t eaten there but we hear that the food is very good. The grounds are beautiful and the hotel is  well worth a visit.

Beaufort Bar

Less than 2 km from DVK. Closed at the time of writing due to Covid restrictions. Lovely local pub and it serves wonderful food. Best of all, you can walk to the put and crawl home.

Golden Nugget

Located 5 km from DVK. This is a pub that serves good honest food at reasonable prices. Huge portions. Creamy pints. Go hungry!

Hotel Euorpe

Located 5 km from DVK.  The food is good and the views are absolutely stunning