Climbing in Killarney

Ciaran and I are amateur walkers and only climb in fine weather.  We regularly do Mangerton, Torc, Strickeen and Tomies.  We occasionally climb Carrauntoohil and Purple Mountain but always with experienced walkers  who have navigation skills. We don’t have those skills. We have however attached links that you may find useful.

Mangerton Mountain: This is our favourite climb in Killarney simply for the views that it offers.

Dunloe View Killarney is a wonderful base in Beaufort, Killarney for Walkers of all abilities. Walking in this area is a truly magical experience given the stunning natural beauty of the place. There are endless walks and pathways that allow you to walk for hours. In addition, there are walks that suit all levels of fitness and ability. Below are some of our favourite walks to get you started.

Mangerton Mountain is a moderate 4 to 5 hour hour (10 km) walking route to the summit (839m) This climb is so worth it simply for the views.  Early on in your ascent you will be rewarded with the expansive views of  Killarney National Park and its hinterland.  Later, the McGillycuddy Reeks come into view as do the inky blue water of the Devil’s Punch Bowl and finally you will be rewarded with the  most amazing views into the Horses Glen. 

The Devil’s Punch Bowl is a cliff encircled coom. Legend has it that the Chieftain O’Donoghue Ross dined with the devil on Mangerton. An argument erupted between the two and the chieftain punched the devil in the face and ran down the mountain. The devil retaliated by taking a chunk out of the mountain and threw it after the chieftain. He missed and that chunk of mountain landed in Mucross Lake to form Devil’s Island. Today water flows out of the Punch Bowl down the mountain and eventually forms Torc Waterfall. When you arrive at the Punch Bowl you will be surprised by the fact that it meets you almost at eye level. To reach the summit of Mangerton then we always take a left at the DPB and follow the path around the lake. We then traverse the narrow arête (that separates the Punch Bowl from the Horses Glen) to the summit of Mangerton. Take the time on this part of your walk to look into the Horses Glen with its 3 corrie lakes and steep sides. It really is a sight to behold

The summit of Mangerton is a flat boggy terrain with only a cairn to mark the highest point. However, a panorama of mountain peaks soon become visible and they will simply take your breath away. You will feel like king of the world and master of all you survey. The views really are awesome. The track leads you back down to the Punch Bowl and from there you can descend down the path.

Climb Strickeen

There is a well defined path that goes all the way to the top.  The views from the Summit are wonderful.   To your left will be an unrivalled view of the Hags Glen and the Reeks.  Nearer the summit, Castlemaine Harbour will come into view.  In addition the views out over Loch Leane , the  Killarney area  and of course the Gap of Dunloe and Purple Mountain are  simply awesome. 

Park your car at Kate Kearney’s Cottage which is 5 km  from  the Apartment.   Walk from there in the direction of the Gap of Dunloe .  After about 20 mins/1km  watch out for a sign on a boulder  to your right.  This is your starting point.  You will see the sign below. Sometimes you will find cars parked here.

Torc Mountain, close to Dunloe View. Stunning views.

Start/Finish:  Cloghereen Upper Car Park.  From Killarney take the N71 to Kenmare.  3.5 km from the Gleneagle Hotel you will come to a sign on the left marked “Old Kenmare Road” Follow this road for 1.7 km  to upper Torc Carpark.  This is the same carpark that you would use for walking the Old Kenmare  Road.

This is a very popular scenic, walking route to the summit of Torc Mountain.  The presence of a well maintained boardwalk on much of the route makes the climb very easy.  You will be rewarded at the summit with spectacular views of the three lakes, the McGillycuddy Reeks, Killarney National Park and the Dingle Peninsula

Purple Mountain /Tomies Mountain Loop Walk