About Us

The Ryan Family

We are Ciarán and Joanna Ryan. Our great passion in life is travel.  When we select accommodation for our own travels we look for a central location, great beds, good facilities, WIFI  and a comfortable, spacious place where our family of four can rest, relax  and feel at home.  Where possible, we look for accommodation that is a bit outside the main tourist area.  We find that this generally gives us a more authentic experience and a chance to live like a local.

So, we think that our Apartment, Dunloe View, Killarney ticks all these boxes.  It has an amazing view, great facilities, lively local pubs and restaurants and two five star hotels nearby. In addition the guest is less than 3 km from Killarney Brewery and Distillery and only seven minutes in the car from Killarney town.